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Custom Colour PVC


From £5.95 Inc VAT

Product Details

  • Length: 10 metres
  • Pennants: 24 per length
  • Pennant Size: 290mm x 200mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Suitability: For Outdoor or Indoor use
  • Style: Triangular Pennants
  • Print: Stock Multi coloured options.

* Select from the stock colours of bunting, you can have whatever combination of colours you require on the lengths of bunting.


1 £14.99 Inc VAT
5 £8.95 Inc VAT
10 £7.50 Inc VAT
50 £6.75 Inc VAT
100 £5.95 Inc VAT

* Pricing excludes carriage.


Will this be suitable outside?
Yes, this will be fine for either indoor or outdoor use.

How long is this bunting?
It is 10m.

Can I have a colour other than the stock colours?
If you require bespoke colours you will need to order our custom bunting printed and then refer us to a CMYK value or Pantone Value.