Custom Printed Flags

Product I.D: CPF

From £42.00 Inc VAT


Metric Imperial
900mm x 600mm 3ft x 2ft
1400mm x 700mm 4.5ft x 2.25ft
1500mm x 900mm 5ft x 3ft
1800mm x 660mm 6ft x 2ft
1830mm x 915mm 6ft x 3ft
1830mm x 1210mm 6ft x 4ft
2000mm x 1000mm 6.5ft x 3.2ft
3000mm x 700mm 9.8ft x 2.4ft
3000mm x 1400mm 9.8ft x 5ft
3500mm x 1000mm 11.5ft x 3.2ft
2800mm x 1400mm 9ft x 4.6ft
3000mm x 1000mm 9.8ft x 3.2ft


Flag Size Price
3ft X 2ft Flag £42.00 Inc VAT
4.5ft X 2.25ft Flag £46.80 Inc VAT
5ft X 3ft Flag £58.80 Inc VAT
6ft X 2ft Flag £78.00 Inc VAT
6ft X 3ft Flag £81.60 Inc VAT
6ft X 4ft Flag £106.80 Inc VAT
6.5ft X 3.2ft Flag £94.80 Inc VAT
9.8ft X 2.4ft Flag £98.40 Inc VAT
10ft X 5ft Flag £166.80 Inc VAT
11.4ft X 3.2ft Flag £166.80 Inc VAT
9ft X 4.6ft Flag £154.80 Inc VAT
9.8ft X 3.4ft Flag £141.60 Inc VAT

* Pricing excludes carriage.


Will this be suitable outside?
Yes, this will be fine for either indoor or outdoor use.

How is the flag finished?
All our custom printed flags are hemmed and eyeletted as standard, for more finishing options please contact us..

Is this flag double sided?
The design has a mirror image/show through to the other side of the pennant.

What artwork file types do you accept?
We require artwork in a hi-resolution .jpg (minimum 200dpi) or in a vector format (.eps or .psd), set to the size of your chosen flag. If you have any questions regarding artwork please call us on 01509 501 180.

How can I send my artwork to you?
Please send Artwork via