Custom made bunting

Custom made bunting

Bespoke printed bunting has become an ever more popular way advertising. Bunting probably has the best area coverage to cost ratio of any other advertising display. Bespoke bunting can literally be made into any shape and size and printed with any colour, picture or logo.

We use a number of materials for our bunting but by far the most popular is the Synthetic paper bunting. Synthetic paper is waterproof and tear resistant so it suitable for indoor and outdoor display which makes incredibly versatile.

For more information on any of our Buntings, please call us on 01509 501 197 or email

Choose your bunting by where it will be displayed, shape or material below:


Indoor or Outdoor Bunting?

One of the most important factors when choosing bunting is deciding on where it will be displayed.

By shape

Below are our standard shapes. If you are looking for a custom shaped bunting then please get in touch for a quote.

By material

Custom made Synthetic bunting


A coated paper which is waterproof, making this bunting ideal for both indoor and outdoor display. Printed full colour to both sides.

Custom made paper bunting


Made from 160gsm paper so it is only really suitable for indoor display. Printed in full colour on both sides.

Custom made fabric bunting


The quietest bunting in our range. Printed on a 115gsm polyester, this bunting is printed single sided with a mirror image show through to the reverse. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.

Custom made PVC bunting


500gsm PVC printed single sided with a white reverse. Suitable for indoor and outdor display.